Bagmate® designed by HookIt Australia.

Until now there has been no practical way to store handbags and personal items in public places safely, securely and conveniently germ free and away from bag snatchers.

The world’s first purpose designed Bagmate® holds your bag above the ground away from harm and provides simple reassuring theft prevention. The revolutionary Bagmate® under table handbag holder is currently used for a multitude of purposes such as a bag hook, safety hook, under table hook, shopping bag hook and door hook in public toilets in restaurants, bars, cafes, theatres, around the home or office and even in hair and beauty salons.

Bagmate® is virtually indestructible, and can be fixed to all flat surfaces, in fact, anywhere a customer may need to secure their handbag, briefcase or mobile phone, for example. This is not just a handbag hook!

The Bagmate® handbag holder is permanently installed using supplied industrial strength adhesive pads or screws. They are positioned under tables and bars or on surfaces such as doors, walls or backs of chairs.

The sleek new Bagmate® by Hookit® Australia will enhance your customer’s experience by protecting their bags from being snatched, dirty floors, spillages, wasting space and being a safety hazard for staff.

Protecting your own goods is vital; protecting your customers’ valuables makes commercial sense.